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We believe that church can and will keep happening without being able to meet with all of us together in our building. This page is here to equip you with what you need to be able to do church from your home. You will find the following things here:

  • The most recent update from our church
  • A resource for doing communion at home
  • A link to the Sunday sermon
  • A lesson for your kids
  • Core52 Resources
  • Separate cards for asking prayer, offering your help/services, and submitting needs
  • An opportunity to give online
  • A page of resources to encourage you in your growth during this time

Current Update:

3/19/2020 at 2:49pm

Previous Updates At Bottom of Page

Here is an update on a few key things:

**Our weekend service will be online at 10:00 am this Sunday.

Go to our website: to find the link (we will share the link as we get closer to Sunday). After the service, it will be online for you to view if you can't join us at that time.

**We will share our first sermon from our Core52 study this Sunday. We hope you are jumping into chapter 32, "Incarnation" and doing the reading and verse memorization. It is a good word for where we find ourselves right now! Go to to see several resources you can use to maximize this study. Our new supply of books should arrive any moment and we can help you get involved in this great study. If you haven't had a chance to jump in let us know and we'll get you set up.

**McKinley Family Funeral. As many of you know, Clifford McKinley passed away Tuesday evening. You can view his funeral at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday on our website: If you go to the Phillips funeral home website ( you can leave a note on the tribute wall.

**And last, but certainly not least, If you or someone you know needs prayer, someone to run errands for you, or other needs in this time, please know we are still here. Our office is still open during this time. Call us at 392-4685. (Leave a message if we miss you.) We are open during normal hours 8:00-4:00ish. You can also submit this information through the pages below.

Communion Instructions

Communion is one of the most important things we do as a church. The card below will help you walk through this important time with a step-by-step process.

Sermon Stream

This is where you will find the stream of our sermon. It will be live at 10:00am each Sunday. I hope you will join us!

Lesson for Kids

On the card below you will find a video lesson for this week for your kids. We hope it will provide an opportunity for kids and their parents to keep the conversation going!

Core52 Resources

The card below is the central hub for the Core52 study. This is a great chance to redeem the time by deepening your understanding of the Bible.

Praying and Sharing

Do you or someone you know need prayer? Do you have something you need? Or something to share? Click the appropriate card below!

Giving Online

The work of Ninth Street Christian Church doesn't halt in the case of emergencies. If anything, we have even more opportunity to help meet needs in our community. Additionally, we are still committed to supporting our missionaries who are dependent upon our support to live and work wherever they are. We would humbly ask that you continue to give so that we can collectively continue to advance God's Kingdom.

If you haven't given online before and would like to watch a how-to video, click the card below.

If you feel confident that you can get it done without the video, simply click here.

You can make a one-time donation, or plan ahead by setting it up to be a recurring donation.

Growth Resources

If you want to be sure and grow during this time, check out the card below for a few resources that can help you move in the right direction!

Previous Announcements

Official Announcement: 3/17/2020 at 1:35pm

Important Note About Services at Ninth Street:

Starting this week, Ninth Street will be suspending our public gatherings in accordance with CDC and local health department requests to do so. This includes Peak of the Week on Wednesday nights and Sunday morning worship gatherings, as well as any other group using our facility that would fall under these guidelines. We are working on plans to provide online connections for us in the meantime. Those details will be made available in the next few days. For now, please be aware that all activities in our building will be cancelled/postponed for the next two weeks. We will regularly monitor the latest updates and respond accordingly.

We have been asking the BE-DO-GO questions during our morning sermons. Those questions are good guides for us in this nervous and disruptive time. In light of all that is going on…

Who has God called us to BE?

What has God called us to DO?

Where has God called us to GO?

-God calls each of us to BE Christ’s disciples. This season doesn’t stop that. In fact, it very well may be a wonderful opportunity for you/us to grow as followers as our normal routines are altered.

-God calls us to BE His church. That has much less to do with a building we meet in and much more to do with where our faith is and how we will love and care for one another in the next few weeks.

-God calls us to BE calm and peaceful because he holds us and all this in his hands.

-God calls us to BE good citizens and to love our neighbors. We care about those most vulnerable to this virus and these steps will help to protect them.

-God calls us to look for opportunities to serve and help our community. This will produce real needs in real lives of people all around us. Let’s DO what we can and GO as we can ministering to each one as needs begin to present themselves.

While our “gatherings” may look different for a few weeks, the opportunities to grow and express your faith will be real. Let’s look for them. Let’s be ready to do what we can. Let’s make the most of this hard time for some Kingdom good.