About NSCC

Here you can find some details about this particular group of Christians

Who are we?

Ninth Street Christian Church is a group of Jesus followers that wants everyone to become faithfully committed followers of Jesus. As we grow and serve one another we hope to be a place where people not only hear about how much God loves them, but experience that love as well!


Ninth Street Christian Church is a non-denominational church but is affiliated with the independent branch of the Restoration Movement called the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Being an "independent church" means there is no denomination that is over this body of believers, but instead the elders are the ones who are the final decision-makers for this congregation. That being said, there is a strong fellowship among "Christian Churches." This fellowship of churches has no denominational hierarchy but instead functions as a brotherhood where churches work side-by-side to accomplish the mission of God together.


"The Church on Ninth Street" - as it was called then - was born out of a tent revival in the 1950's - being established in 1953. The current building was first built in 1962 and has had several changes and additions since then. Through all of those changes, the original stained glass has stayed intact. Many ministers and missionaries have gone out from this church on Ninth Street and continue to spread the news beyond the location on the corner of Ninth Street and McKinley Drive. Throughout her lifetime so far, Ninth Street Christian Church has been a place where the Good News of Jesus has been proclaimed and the Lord has been worshiped, and we seek to continue that today.

What now?

If you've read this far there might be a few different things running through your mind...

"We’ve attended 9th Street for over 50 years. Our boys were taught here and accepted Jesus here. It’s so amazing the ministers and outstanding Christians that have come from this church. It’s very evident that God has been with us and blessed this place."

Sharon Buster